I decided to write myself a short letter for when I reach the age of 25. I know that in 5 years, a lot of things would have changed by then – and hopefully, in a good way. I figured I should debut this blog with something really personal. Also a good way to bid my teenage years farewell. Time flies by so fast, damn.

To my 25-year-old self,

You wrote this exactly a week before you turned 20. It was a scary thought – to earn another year and transition from being a teen into a young adult. Young adult. It really has different ring to it, huh? It was scary because you’ve always thought that being in the 20’s means a serious shift in your responsibilities and priorities in life. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not. I can’t really say for sure yet.

When you were 19, you dreamed of going places – of seeing so much more of the world. Greece, London, Paris, Tokyo, Seoul, Egypt… Name it, you’ve probably fantasised about it before going to bed at night. You yearned for adventure but feared getting hurt. You were always scared to take risks, despite countless reminders to step out of the little box you constructed to protect yourself. Now that you’re 25, I hope you’re so much braver to face unfamiliar quests. 

When you were 18, you promised you’d start cutting off people who constantly caused you pain and negativities in life… but that was a failure, wasn’t it? You stuck with them because you made yourself believe that you needed them and they needed you. Now that you’re 25, I hope you’ve learned to value yourself for real. Always choose happiness.

When you were 17, you were batshit scared to go to college. You didn’t know anyone and the only people you knew who were going to the same school were enrolled in different programs. But, hey, you survived. You’ve always, always been awkward but you met new people and even stayed friends with some of them. Now that you’re 25, I hope you learned how to carry yourself with grace and confidence. Keep your chin up, no matter what.

When you were 16, it hit you that you were about to leave everything and everyone you’ve ever known. You didn’t stay friends with all of them from your high school – but that’s okay. You continued to cherish all the memories and you knew deep down that no matter what happens, they will always be the people who you grew up with. Now that you’re 25, I hope that looking back still warms your heart and puts a smile on your face.. 

When you were 15, you experienced terrible things. Things you’ve spent years on wishing you could forget. Eventually you realized, that people don’t say “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” without a proper reason. Now that you’re 25, I hope you’ve let go of these burdens in your heart. Always remind yourself that you’ve always been strong in your own way.

When you were 14, you learned to prioritise things that make you happy. It was amazing, to immerse yourself in something positive. Your love for books grew and grew. Now that you’re 25, I hope you still continue to find the time to sit down and read a good book. Remember the joy in smelling new books and opening up your imagination to a fictional world. 

When you were 13, you first felt your appreciation for alone time’s. Heartaches came your way – heartaches that you bottled up – but you held up on your own. Now that you’re 25, I hope that you still find comfort in being with yourself alone. 

Now that you’re 25, I hope you’ve stopped grieving over the littlest of things and have learned what’s important. I hope you’ve still kept the dream and passion for travelling.  Don’t disappoint your younger self, and be the woman you’ve always wanted to be.

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