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I recently purchased my first ever contact lenses. Yes, I know I’ve only been wearing it for a few weeks and obviously I’m still a beginner; but one thing that helped me ease my silly fears is by reading articles about wearing contacts so I figured I should make a little guide for anyone who wants to try it but is scared to do so! 

A Little Background

I’ve been wearing prescription glasses since I was 16. My eye grade at the moment is -2.00 for the left eye and -1.75 for the right. Wearing glasses is definitely a huge part of my day to day life. Without it, I just won’t function well. My mood is just going to plummet and stay that way throughout the day. When people discover that I wear glasses, majority of the time they tell me to switch to wearing contact lenses instead; and my response to them is almost always the same: “I’m scared.”

The thing is, I’ve heard various horror stories about contact lenses and it just never left my mind. There were things like how it hurts to have it on, people going blind, someone trying to take it out not knowing that he no longer had his contacts on, ripped corneas, infections… The horrifying list just goes on and on. In my defense, if you’ve heard of those stories you’d definitely think twice about getting a pair of contacts for yourself, right? I don’t know how I finally convinced myself but my friends definitely deserve some credit for constantly re-assuring me that’s it’s going to be okay.


The Purchase & Putting It On

I went to the nearest Executive Optical (EO) and got my vision checked first (they offer free eye exams). There were two eye exams in total. As expected my eye grade increased one step but the doctor suggested that I retain my previous eye grade for the contact lenses. After the eye exams, the doctor talked me through everything I needed to know and comforted me in my fears. She did stress that cleaning and disinfecting the lenses are very important to avoid eye infections.

I bought the brown coloured lens that will only last for 3 months for two main reasons 1) I wanted something that is visible for me to take out and put in; and 2) I’m still testing the waters. They do offer contact lenses that will last for 6 months up to 1 year, which is cheaper, if you do the math.

I was worried that I’d have to go home and figure everything out alone, but they made me try it on on the spot. While I was trying to put it on for the first time, they were giving me tips. Wearing it on wasn’t so bad, I found it more tricky to take it out – but of course, it varies per person.

All in all, I was impressed with how I was handled by EO. The staff were all friendly and reassuring. I was asking the same questions over and over but they answered me with such patience. If you’re planning on buying your first contacts, go visit the EO near you! (This isn’t a sponsored post, lol)

Other Tips

-I find it easier to put it on when I’m alone so I know no one will surprise me accidentally. Just find the spot where you’re most comfortable to do it!

-There are different types of solutions. There’s a multi-purpose solution that you can use for cleaning and as a lubricant for your eyes and there’s a solution that’s exclusive to cleaning.

-Always do your research first! I calmed some of my fears by reading articles and blogs before heading out to the mall.

-Don’t be scared to visit an eye clinic. They will take care of you and walk you through the whole process!

-Just a heads up: It. Will. Feel. Dry. When my friends told me about this, I didn’t believe them at first. Make sure you purchase the multi-purpose solution or get yourself an eyedrop.

-Putting it on and taking it out are both tricky, but they don’t hurt. Not even one bit, if they’re put correctly. (They will hurt like a fucking bitch if you put it on flipped, though)

Getting to try it on after years of wanting is almost liberating. It’s not a huge achievement but I feel like I made a few steps forward. If you’re planning on buying soon as a beginner, I sincerely hope I shed you some light. Please drop some more tips in the comments, if you have any. Thank you for reading this far! ❤

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