Last July, my professor took us out on a recreational photo walk – and by recreational I meant that we recreated photos of old Manila and added some modern twist to it – along Intramuros, which was historically charming. It was almost as if certain aspects of it were locked in the past. So we strolled and took photos, not forgetting the main goal of the activity. With the weather being moody and the fact that I was wearing this ankle-length (and rather itchy) 1890’s Filipina costume, I wasn’t expecting that the day was going to go well for me.

But surprisingly, I had so much fun. There’s a certain beauty in recreating photos that I learned to appreciate that day. Using a Canon EOS66 (a type of film SLR camera), I took these photos of modern day Intra. I’m proud to say that I also developed them myself!



Definitely a glimpse to the past. I could almost picture Filipinos of this era in their polished looks walking these cobbled streets. Pretty enchanting, if you ask me.



Probably one of my favuorite photos that I took. It’s cliché, I know – but there’s something about it that speaks to me. Add in the dust and accidental scratches in the film… I think it’s lovely.

P.S. I didn’t include the photos wherein we recreated some of the oldest pictures taken in Manila because this post isn’t about that (I think that deserves a separate entry) – this is about being a flâneur in one of the historical places of the city, which is something I can’t afford to do all the time being a college student.


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