The short break is officially over. Today, I go back to school but since my class isn’t until 6pm, I decided to sit down and list all the things that made my October a little more special!


1. House Dear Darling Tint in Orange – Yes, it’s really orange and no, it’s not that weird. Personally, I like how it’s buildable because that way I can make sure I won’t overdo it. Otherwise, I’ll end up looking like I finished a whole bag of Cheetos by myself. It’s fruity scent is also a plus!

2. Tony Moly Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stick – I’ve been really bad with taking care of my skin lately, especially my under eye area. The bags and lines under my eyes are becoming more apparent thanks to all the stress and sleepless nights, sponsored by school. I also noticed that it’s dry, which is the main reason why I bought this eye stick. It promises to reduce puffiness and has mosturizing properties! Cool, huh?


3. The Candle Room PH Candle Burner & Lavender Scent Chips – I’ve always loved scented candles so when I found out that my sister bought me this set, I was ecstatic. It instantly became the highlight of my October. It’s such a great way of de-stressing without putting too much effort. Literally, you just light it, lie down, and enjoy the relaxing smell it gives off. Now, I’m really looking forward to trying more scents!


4. Benefit Rockateur – I don’t know what’s with me but recently, I’ve been really into blushes. This one is my current favourite because 1) it’s Rose Gold and 2) it matches with almost any look!

5. ColourPop Echo Park – This Ultra Satin Lip from Colourpop is my current liquid lipstick favourite. Echo Park, as ColourPop describes it is a warm peachy type of nude. Warm. Peachy. Nude. I mean, if that doesn’t entice you from trying it, I don’t know what will. I have to say, though, it emphasizes the lines on my lips a little. However, I do think that its color and the fact that it’s not drying makes up for it 🙂

6. Beauty Treats Peach Sugar Lip Scrub – I got this one from the Dollar Store in Alabang. It’s really cheap, I think it’s roughly P120. I love how it exfoliates my lips and make it not feel dry afterwards!

7. Tourist: A Love Song from Paris by Paint – This was my jam the whole month of October and I can’t believe it has only 1M views! Thank me later, just head over to Jon’s channel now and listen to this song. It’s just pure beauty.

8. Do You Love Me Too by Tessa Violet and Rusty Clanton – I’m two years late on this video but damn, these two are the cutest! If you want some cheesy love song, give this one a try!

Thank you for reading this far! Have a great day ahead! ❤

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