Maybelline is probably one of the best drug store brands available in the market. I’ve been particularly fond of their affordable but decent lipsticks for quite a while, so I figured I should try their soft-matte hydrating foundation. What got me into buying this foundation is the fact that it promises a soft-matte finish without drying out your skin.I mean, that’s like getting the best of both worlds! Naturally, being the curious cat that I am, I decided to purchase this little baby. It retails for P499 and is available at most beauty counters here in the Philippines.

I got myself the shade 90 Honey Beige, which was the darkest available shade. It’s obviously too dark for me but I managed to wear it for a week! Read on to know more about my thoughts about this product.

Since this is a review, it all boils down to one question: Is it good? Well, we’ll get to that part in a bit but first I want to tell you a few things about my skin. I have an acne prone and oily/combination skin type. I usually get oily (or should I say, naturally dewy?) around my T-zone and on my cheeks near the smile lines. Truth be told, it’s tricky for me to pick the correct foundation shade because of my uneven skin tone (my face is a shade or two darker than the rest of my body).


The consistency is definitely mousse-like. It actually reminds me of whipped cream! I’ve tried applying it with a generic beauty sponge but I found that it’s easier to apply using my fingers. It applies smoothly across the skin and has medium coverage. I say medium because I know for a fact that it will cover simple imperfections like acne marks but won’t make do with the redness of actual acne. Upon application, I noticed that it really does look velvety and lives up to its promise of soft-matte finish!

You’re probably thinking, “so, what are the cons?” Well, for one it makes my skin really oily (especially the areas I mentioned a while ago!) after several hours of wear despite setting it with my trusty Rimmel Stay Matte powder. I’ve noticed that it also enhanced fine lines I didn’t know I had. Of course, discovering that it makes me extremely dewy is kind of a deal breaker for me, considering my skin type – but, will I still use it? Yes, but only if I know I won’t be staying out for too long. I can’t risk looking like an oil spill and I can’t be bothered with retouching my make up.

What do I think? This product will suit people with normal skin types best. Just because it didn’t work well for me, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad product. Nonetheless, I’m still impressed with how it blended pretty well on my face. It also doesn’t feel heavy and has decent coverage, which are also a plus! If you’re oily and curious about this product, just make sure to bring a powder with you when you go out 🙂

Anyone here who’s tried the same product? What are your thoughts about it?

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