I know, I know. It’s probably not the best decision I made this year. It’s only May and I already got myself into some kind of nasty trouble. Okay, I may be exaggerating a little bit but here’s how it went down: One night, I saw my not-so little sister trimming her bangs and thought to myself, “hey, why not?” It’s summer, I don’t go to school anymore and a little bit of change surely won’t hurt me. Spell impulsive? T-H-A-L-I-A.

Right after I heard that first snip, I could literally feel instant regret slowly filling my body. What was I thinking? Now I’m 100% sure that my own impulsiveness will cause me my own death in the future.


Okay, I’m kidding – it’s not that bad (I mean, I surely hope so!). I’m slowly warming up to my new look. Slowly. I have to admit, a huge part of this decision came from watching too many K-Dramas. Heh.

If there’s something I wish someone could’ve told me before I cut my hair, it’d be: bangs will make your forehead sweat like crazy. It feels like hell on my forehead! But other than that, it looks pretty cool.

I made sure not to have thick bangs so I can hide it whenever I want to. Also, it’s easier to build up the volume that way. Since it’s not too thick, I can sweep it to the side and make it look like a side fringe… which makes me look the high school version of myself! Haha


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