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Yesterday, some of my high school friends and I hit the road and went to South StrEat Gourmand Food Park! *happy banana dance* The ride took almost an hour and a half since there was some kind of traffic going on OTW. It was a gloomy day and it even rained a little bit – good thing it didn’t last long!
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When we got there, the place just opened so there were barely people inside. We had a hard time choosing where to buy our food cause there were so many options. I think we circled the place thrice before we bought anything, lol. In the end, I got myself a burger. Weirdly enough, I didn’t take a single photo of my food – which is so not me. 

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I haven’t seen my high school friends in months! It felt so damn good to see these warm familiar faces again. We all shared a good laugh relieving old memories and catching up! Sometimes all you need is a little bit of chitchat with good company (and food, of course. Let’s not forget that!)

We also tried a couple of drinks from Squeezed, see those fishbowls over there? Perfect for sharing amongst friends, if you ask me.

VSCO Cam-1-2.jpg

Also, do you see that? Starr’s. Freakin’ Starr’s, man! There used to be a branch at Taft before, I’m not sure what happened. I do know I missed it, though! Their Caramel Cookie Dough milkshake will always be my favorite 😉

Honestly, it was refreshing to be able to enjoy every bit of the moment without lingering thoughts about school. We stayed there until around 8pm, just talking about anything, trying to hear each other over the booming sound system. We took pictures before leaving, too – because we couldn’t be more ~millenial~. Just kidding :p

The ride home was pretty quick. We listened (and tried hard not to sing-along) to some old songs from the early 2000s. Angelo and Abby were kind enough to drop me off at my house, which I appreciated (thanks, power couple!)

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