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Hello there! I want you to meet our Chow Chow, Ella! She’s turning 2 this year. Believe it or not, I wasn’t a huge dog person before (I’ve always loved cats, though!) Through the years we’ve had several dogs and although they were small and weren’t really aggressive, they scared me. Seriously. I don’t what know what was wrong me but, hey, now I see them as cute and loveable creatures.

We used to have two baby chows, Ella and Coco, but Coco passed last year due to some sickness we weren’t able to detect right away. I cried a lot on that day and was really down for quite some time. I used to be not able to talk about this and kept it from my friends because it hurt too much. Like I said, I wasn’t a huge dog person before so everything was new for me when those two little puppies arrived. I never knew I would get that attached to dogs.

IMG_0062 copy.jpg

Anyway, Ella managed to stay healthy and we became more meticulous in taking care of her. She’s helped me deal with a lot of bad days (yes, I also never knew I would ask a dog for emotional help lol). I was able to teach her several tricks now and it’s so adorable!

Honestly, it’s so heartwarming to see your pet so happy when you get home! Nothing beats that feeling, truly ❤



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