Hello, lovelies! Today I am going to review Rimmel London’s Stay Matte Primer. First of all, my skin type is: acne-prone oily/combo. If I don’t use a mattifying primer, I end up looking like an oil slick (which is not cute!). Normally, I don’t mind it but in the summer, it just looks 10x worse.

I’ve been using this underneath my makeup for the past month or two and, personally, I barely had any problems with it. Barely. I’ll expound in a bit, don’t worry!

So, let’s establish Rimmel London’s claims for this product. I went on their website and it said:

Ultra lightweight formula that minimizes the appearance of pores.
Controls shine for up to 8 hours creating a soft, perfectly matte complexion.
Won’t feel heavy or greasy.

Coming from a person with an oily/combination skin type, I can say that it did mattify my skin for up to 8 hours. Notice how they mentioned a specific amount of time? As hours passed, I did notice that my skin is getting a little shiny (but with my skin type, that’s to be expected). However, it’s still not that bad. Even after 8 hours, my skin still looks so much better compared to when I don’t wear Stay Matte primer.


Unlike common silicone-y primers, Stay Matte Primer has more of a lotion-type consistency. It’s not transparent, as you can see in the photo. However, once worked into the skin, it blends and becomes clear. Is it ultra lightweight? Ultra, no. Lightweight, sure. As I have mentioned, it feels like a lotion – at first it may feel thick but that sensation disappears as the skin absorbs the product.

I have to say, it claims to minimize pores – but it barely did on me. I have large pores, btw. That sounds gross, but that’s the truth. One of the reasons why I bought this is because of it’s two main claims which are mattifying and pore minimizing. So, I was kinda let down that it basically didn’t blur out my pores.


The only major problem I experienced with this happened when I tried to wear it underneath a mattifying foundation. That sounds silly now – I should’ve thought not to pair it together. Mattifying primer + mattifying foundation = nope! You’ll end up with a cakey face, hun. Trust me. Stay Matte primer and L’Oreal True Match worked for me the best. So, careful what to pair it with!

So let’s quickly summarize everything, a TL;DR if you wish.


  • Mattifying. Lasts up to 8 hours+ and still looks great on the skin.
  • Pretty affordable compared to other primers. I got mine for P500.
  • There’s no overwhelming scent.
  • Listed as a low-hazard product (meaning low toxicity levels) on EWG.
  • It didn’t break me out.


  • It did not fill in or blur out my pores.
  • A little hard to find here in the Philippines.
  • Might not work for Normal to Dry skin types.
  • Not a good pair with mattifying foundations.


What do I think? Will I repurchase?

Yes. Although, I won’t be repurchasing it in a while seeing that I only use it on my T-zone. I think it works for me and I’m honestly impressed. The fact that it doesn’t have an overpowering scent is a huge plus for me. Watch out, though – I did see some reviews that said it broke them out. My skin (acne-prone, oily/combo) didn’t have a bad reaction to it, so just make sure to do your research before purchasing!



3 thoughts on “Beauty Review: Rimmel Stay Matte Primer

  1. I really like this primer; I borrowed it from my sister once! The only problem I found was that, while I let it settle on my face, it actually turned into this white, chalky consistency. Not sure if it was just that batch or if it happens with all of them, but it was odd.


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