Lately, I’ve taken an interest in learning how to play musical instruments. I never really considered myself to be musically-inclined. In fact, my grades in Music class during high school were so-so. We were required to learn the guitar chords and perform it to our teacher (I mean, if you could call that “performing”) – but it never really stayed with me since I barely had any body coordination. Yikes.

My oldest brother is great with music, especially with the guitar, and for some reason it downed my spirits to think that I’ll never be as good as him – even though, I barely even tried. You could name any song and just give him 5 minutes to sort his shit out and he’d able to play it instantly. Deep down, I knew practicing was the only way I could improve my skills but I felt embarrassed producing silly noises. It’s stupid to think now, but at that time it was enough for me to drop any musical inclination I had and just settled with listening to music on my iPod.


It was only last year that I was able to have my own ukulele! I fell in love with it immediately and I’ve been playing it ever since. I think the first song I learned was Last Christmas by Wham! It was only fitting to learn a holiday song considering I bought it around Christmas time. Plus, it’s fairly easy and it’s one of my favorite festive songs! After a few weeks, playing the ukulele was almost part of my routine; I played it before going to bed and right after I woke up in the morning. At first, I was so shy to play it loudly – I didn’t know half the chords and I didn’t have enough coordination to strum correctly. But it didn’t matter. It felt like I had something that was mine – and I’m not talking about the physical aspect of owning a ukulele. It was more about a skill I could claim proudly, you know what I mean? I literally just fell in love.

Recently, though – I’ve been having a particular interest in playing the piano. The look and feel of it have always intimidated me so for a long time, I just played my ukulele and watched my siblings play the piano. Sometimes we would play the same song at the same time, which was always fun.

But then one day, I got the intro of Game of Thrones stuck in my head. I knew singing “dun dun dun dun dun dun” wasn’t enough so I just decided to fuck it and learn it. I’m still around 30-40 seconds in; it’s confusing for a beginner, especially for one without any prior knowledge about the instrument, so I decided to pause my learning on that song and just learned other easier, more popular songs. If you’re also a beginner, check out the chords for Little Do You Know by Alex and Sierra – it’s really, really easy. It’s the second song I learned and it helped me a great deal to transition to pop songs.

I am still far from being actually good at these thinsgs but it helps me relax and it ease my mind off my problems. You gotta do what you gotta do to cope! It’s so exciting to think that I still have a lot to learn. I only wish I did these things sooner!

2 thoughts on “Music, music, & music.

  1. How would one learn…if keep jumping the instruments….though the basics are same…and it is great that you have developed an inclination towards music….it makes homo sapiens….human….


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