I haven’t written on here in a while so I figured to break the ice by doing a little tag called This or That. Basically, I’m presented with two options and I pick which ones I like prefer. I think it’s fun and it’s also a great way for you to know a little more about me.



I am definitely a coffee girl. It’s not a good day if I didn’t start it with a good ol’ cup of iced coffee – and yes, I take it cold. I’m not huge fan of hot beverages and I only really make one for myself when I’m feeling a little bit under the weather.


I think I’d pick sunny. I like cold weather but I can’t stand the sound of loud rain. That plus the gloomy surroundings, it all just feels a bit ominous. I like cold, gloomy weather, though. Just not rain.


Foundation! I used to love BB Creams but I haven’t found one that suits my skin perfectly well. They always end up feeling weird and icky after just a couple hours of wear. Wish to find a good BB Cream soon, though.


Mascara. I need more help in the lashes department! Also, if applied incorrectly, my eyeliner might end up making my lids look even more hooded. Better safe than sorry!


Wow. This one is really hard. I had to take a moment to really decide. I think if it all comes down to it – I’d pick Pizza. Lots and lots of cheese, with bacon bits, and a generous amount of ketchup: yum!


Easy peasy. Cake, of course! I’d take a slice of cake any time of the day. My favorite is still Conti’s Salted Caramel. That or some really good Cheesecake. Man, this is making me hungry!


Uh. I think I’d choose Friends even though I’m still on the third season of How I Met Your Mother. Friends is just so much lighter and easier to watch. Don’t get me wrong, though. I’m enjoying watching HIMYM!


This is actually pretty tricky. I think I’d pick Day – only because I am much more functional in the mornings and I like to reserve my evenings with being cozy and chill.


Books, of course! Books tickle your imagination in a way not any movie could. I enjoy films as well but if I had to choose, it’s definitely the former.

There you have it, that’s me in 8 items of This or That! Thanks for reading this far and I hope you’re having a great day!

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