Just last week, I had the opportunity to drop by the Big Bad Wolf book fair at the World Trade Center. I highly enjoyed every bit of it and as soon as I stepped in, it felt like paradise! I went with two of my coworkers after dinner (c/o one of my super cool bosses!) and we were all equally excited.

What’s Big Bad Wolf, you say? Big Bad Wolf, or BBW, is a book fair originating from Malaysia and is usually just held around its neighbouring countries. This year they decided to hold it in the Philippines for the first time for 10 days. The coolest part? The book fair was open 24 hours! They promise 60-80% discount off of books; from children’s fiction to reference books. It really was a haven for book lovers like myself!

My coworkers and I arrived at the venue around 10:00pm. Unsurprisingly, the place was still jump packed with shoppers! We had to fall in line to get a cart and as soon as we got one big enough for the three of us, we headed straight to browsing books.

After a bit, we decided to go separate ways so we can all maximize our time looking for books that suit our interests! Immediately, I checked out the Graphic Novel and YA section. I saw a lot of comics still in good condition and was impressed with how cheap they are! I noticed that a good chunk of people flocked to the YA section as well, so I wasn’t able to thoroughly browse that area.

A lot of the books weren’t familiar to me at all and quite truthfully, I felt a bit overwhelmed looking at all those titles and covers. I also noticed that majority of the books were meant for children (I think I accidentally got two, but all s’well) and while this was teenie tiny disappointing, there was a decent amount of books for young adults and up. In fact, you can practically get any book from any genre!

As I’ve mentioned a moment ago, looking through all the books did get a little overwhelming for me especially since I wasn’t looking for any specific ones. Basically, I just went there to see if anything ends up tickling my fancy. Interestingly, I did see this copy of The Scorch Trials for just P190! I didn’t get it cause even though I’ve seen both the first two movies, I’ve never read ’em.

I think I walked around the fair a solid hour and half. I grabbed all the books I liked, sat down (they did have some areas for customers to sort through their books), and decided which ones were worth keeping. In the end, I got myself three books.

Without further ado, here’s my mini book haul!

First up is this book called The Kites are Flying by Michael Morpurgo. I’m not gonna lie, I grabbed this book because the cover got my attention – whatever happened to “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”? Well, I wouldn’t know, lol. If my memory serves me right, I got this book for just P120! I scanned through the book and liked the illustrations by Laura Carlin. I haven’t found the time to read it yet but according to Goodreads, it revolves around how Jewish and Palestinian kids lived with the Wall. Apparently, this is meant for kids but I didn’t mind since half of the reason why I got this is really because of the illustrations anyway.

The second book I got is Pre-Code Classics’ Weird Mysteries Vol. II. Now if y’all know me, I live for this kind of books! I love anything horror (I mean, I still can’t watch horror movies alone but ya girl is working on it), eerie, or creepy.  I guess that explains why this book caught my eye, yes? I couldn’t find the first volume but I didn’t mind – I saw an opened copy of this and scanned through it and immediately, I just knew it was for me.

Anyway, this book is a compilation of 5 comic issues. So it had about more or less 20 illustrated “weird” stories in it. I spent a good afternoon reading through them all!

This one is Boom! by Mark Haddon. This is listed as a Children’s book by a number of users on Goodreads but I don’t really mind reading books like such. I’m all about quick and entertaining books. Rarely do I get to read long novels since I have work now! I’m quite excited to read this, though.

That’s it! I don’t know why I was so attracted to orange at that time, seeing that all the books I got had some warm tones on it. I really enjoyed the fair and would definitely come and visit again should they decide to host another one here in the Philippines! This time, though – I’d be prepared! Can’t wait to haul more books!

(P.S. All photos are taken with my iP8+! I’m trying it out to see if I can get by without using my DSLR)

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