Disclaimer: This post is long overdue, I know it. Let’s try to overlook that, shall we?

April 6th, the morning & the afternoon – It’s my little sister’s Moving Up Exercises so we got up earlier than usual prepare. I did her hair and make up which I’m proud of cause it did end up looking nice & decent (good job, me!). The ceremony was held at her school’s gymnasium – it’s also the same school I went high school to and also the same gymnasium I had my graduation. To say the least, it was nostalgic to be back there.

The ceremony ended around 5 or 5:30pm, which is already critical considering the concert would start at 8:00pm. We live in Cavite & the concert was at Araneta Colliseum. You do the math.

We dropped off our mom & our brother at our house before heading to the venue. We brought snacks in the car ’cause we were sure as hell we wouldn’t have enough time to stop by for a proper meal before the show!

The evening – To make things shorter, we were 20 minutes late for the concert. That’s roughly equivalent to 4 to 5 songs. The traffic and the search for a parking spot was hell. But the second we got off the car, my sisters and I literally ran to the building to look for our designated entrance. But hey, at least we made it, right? Even though we were a bit late, it was still awesome.

We didn’t even bother to look for our seats. Once we were inside the venue, we just sang along… Sang all the hassles of the day away.

“You are my favorite everything, been telling you that since 2018”

Pink Skies anyone, yes? One of their best songs, if you ask me. Internally screaming just remembering being there with my sisters!

We laugh so we don’t cry, purple teeth lying on the floor.
The Breakup

“Middle of the day, middle of the road, I’m dead”. My 2018 mood.


This song broke me into pieces and resurrected me all at the same time. I get chills just remembering the emotions surrounding this song. ABSOLUTE CHILLS. I’m so happy there’s a video of this on Youtube!

My heart hurt so good, LANY. Thank you for a wonderful night! ‘Til the next time you come back here in Manila.

The midnight – After the show, it didn’t need saying that we were all famished. We headed to BF Homes to grab some dinner at Mulligan’s before driving home. We were all sleepy and high on how fantastic the night was ♥

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