It’s Sunday, which basically means I have the entire day to do as I please! Something that I didn’t get to do last weekend, pfft.

I was supposedly expected to show up on Saturday and Sunday last week for a work-related event. However, I had to go home two hours early last Saturday because I was starting to feel unwell. I was getting chills, nausea, (I’d say extreme) muscle pain, and an overall uncomfortable feeling in my stomach. It was cold as well, what with the rainy weather coupled with the impressive ac units of the venue. In short, it really wasn’t a good day for me. Luckily, my boss was hella understanding and let me leave early.


I dropped by the pharmacy to get myself basic medicines like paracetamol, loperamide, and some pain relief patches for my lower back which was really hurting for some weird reason. The moment I got home, I quickly downed some instant oatmeal and put myself to bed. I fell asleep pretty much right away and woke up several of hours later to a whopping 40.4° fever. I also had a terrible bout of chills even though my fan was off and I was under my thick-ass blanket while wearing pajamas.

The following day, I was just stuck in bed. My mom would occasionally wake me up to eat and take my medicines (or I would be woken up by my stomach). I think I had about 7 poop sessions so it really was a no-brainer that I was dehydrated as hell. Eh, still am.

By Monday, I decided to skip work. Good thing I did cause my fever didn’t go away until at least the afternoon. I was feeling weak and dizzy. Plus, my stomach hasn’t gotten better. I’ve been eating bland food for days and it’s at this point that I’m getting tired of it.

On Tuesday, even though my tummy is still not in good shape, I went to work (ya girl’s got bills to pay plus workload is piling up). I started getting itchy around my eyes and developed (also, itchy) red patches on my back which led me to the conclusion that I’m allergic to paracetamol. If you think about it, it kinda sucks. I took an antihistamine tablet afterwards and it all went away.

Fast forward to Friday, I’m well and fever-free but my stomach pretty much stayed the same… and so, I decided to get myself checked up. Alone. My boyfriend praised me for doing such an ~*adult*~ thing but really, I just didn’t want to bother and worry my mom.

I went to The Medical City Clinic at Mall of Asia and waited for more or less 30 minutes before my name was called. It was pretty quick, I think. The doctor said that I should’ve gotten myself checked the moment I started feeling unwell, which is true. In my defense, I did think it was just caused by fatigue and that it will go away on its own. How wrong was I, though? Anyway, the doctor diagnosed that I have Gastroenteritis (and slight anemia) and prescribed me antibiotics. The doctor also said to steer away from paracetamol and just take Ibuprofen instead.

And now here I am, religiously taking my medicines. Overall, I’m feeling a lot better and I’ve learned, albeit the hard way, to get yourself checked right away. Moral of the story, huh.


One thought on “Getting Sick.

  1. Welcome to the world of gastroentiritis! 😁 I’ve been taking medications atm as well (Co-amoxiclav & Erdosteine) but I’ve moved on from those horrible episodes of shitting your innards out. The diagnosis this time is bronchitis. I hope the three of you last Saturday didn’t catch my disease! Huhu. I only had myself checked kasi this Monday so I didn’t know I was contagious then. 😅


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