Super duper excited share that I got to see Dua Lipa live on the 14th of September at the Mall of Asia (MoA) Arena! Ever since I saw the announcement, I just knew right there and then that I have to see her. Luckily enough, I have the best older sister, Orange, in the world. She bought Yasmin and I tickets for the show as a birthday gift!

It was a rainy September and the weather wasn’t ideal days prior to the show. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried they might cancel it. Even on the day of the concert itself, I kept checking MMI Live’s Twitter account for any announcement – just to make sure we don’t waste time and money for transportation. The odds seemed to be in Dua Lipa’s fans’ favor, though. The weather cleared up in the Metro so the show pushed through!


Yas and I were a tad early so we decided to grab some dinner at Salad Stop first. We both had Hail Caesar wrap! Still my favorite, hands down.

Since we were in the area and we still had time to kill, we also dropped by at the MIBF at SMX. I didn’t get to purchase anything and I want to say it’s because nothing tickled my fancy but the truth is, I’m just broke. lol.

By 8:00pm, we were already seated at the arena. The show started around 9:00pm and boy were we excited! One thing I didn’t enjoy was lamely and repeatedly trying to send texts because the signal was so shitty. I hated that part. But other than that, the night was uh-mazing.

A little side note: Please excuse the quality, I was really having a blast and in the moment that I barely got the chance to take some photos.

0B9E0209-16F5-4983-BE56-497DF8120EA1 2.jpg
Enter Dua Lipa, the queen herself!

An arena full of fans! In case you didn’t hear about it – Dua Lipa’s show here in the Philippines was sold out. (Also, star-studded too if I may add)


We’re addicted to your light, Dua!
Dua Lipa singing Homesick!

“Tell my heart to lie but I know deep inside it’s true… That I wish I was there with you”

My favorite Dua Lipa song and I got to hear her sing it live! Homesick is such a beautiful song, if you haven’t heard it then I suggest you go look it up on Spotify or Youtube. It’s featuring Chris Martin too, so that’s a plus!

I don’t give a… I don’t give a… I don’t give a f—


Dua Lipa became the youngest female artist to ever reach 1 billion views thanks to New Rules, so it only seems fitting for her to play it last. With its unique beat and encouragement of women empowerment – I can’t blame people if they played it on repeat. I mean, I probably contributed to that number a lot as well.

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month already. It was such a blissful night and I wish I know my way with words to describe it properly. We danced and sang the night away and just focused on the musical experience.

Honestly, aside from her amazing voice, I became a fan of hers because she doesn’t look like your conventional mainstream singer. I liked that she looks so strong and comfortable with the way she’s built ♡

I’d like to end it here with her opening words:

“Tonight is about the energy in this room that we bring together. Tonight I want you to be yourself, be your authentic and true yourself. Lose all your inhibitions. The almost unapologetic you and never listen to anybody that tells you otherwise. Let’s dance the night away and take tonight’s feeling everywhere you go.”



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