Today, I decided to force myself to sit down, boot up my laptop, and type my feelings away. I know how easy it is to get lost in a multitude of emotions especially during times like these. Earthquakes, explosions, and a freakin’ pandemic. It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed and feel like we have no control of our lives. A lot of us are currently feeling that way and I hope that offers some sort of consolation. So whatever’s keeping you busy and smiling, keep doing it. Pore over books, bake a ton of cookies, donate to charity, explore arts & crafts. Just continue doing it, if it means it will motivate you to fight through your own personal battles.

In an attempt to keep my sanity, I decided to list down the things that have been making me sad and happy. After all this is my online diary. Here goes nothin’.

Things That Made Me Sad:

  • Overpriced masks
  • Having to still work at the office despite the given situation
  • Having to pay just to function like a normal being
  • Being stuck in a rut for more than a month
  • Realizing that I really am a corporate slave
  • Realizing I started a lot of personal projects but never got to work on them
  • Accidentally sipping a whole ass fly because I left my coffee – with lid and straw – unattended for a couple of minutes
  • Knowing that the millions of Filipinos affected by this pandemic aren’t in the heart of this government
  • Facebook trolls make me hella sad
  • Looking back and barely remembering March to May

Things That Made Me Happy:

  • Getting to try a friend’s cake
  • Learning to play a new song on the piano
  • Exploring baking with my older sister
  • Slightly feeling like myself again
  • Finally being able to do something creative
  • Putting my art out there and it getting appreciation
  • Finally owning a Switch Lite!
  • Having friends to play Animal Crossing with
  • Also: Playing Fortnite with my boyfriend after a long & tiring day
  • Having a Zoom meeting with friends – Finally all of us 10!
  • Listening to music and just vibing with it. Everybody say, “Thank you, Lady Gaga”
  • Experimenting with my hair (successful bleach wash) and liking the results
  • Getting to spend time with family. We rarely see each other pre-covid days so being stuck at home was new and nice despite us being almost at the brink of tearing each other’s face apart sometimes. #JustSiblingThings

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