Hey, how are you? I hope you’re doing well despite the world crumbling around us. I went on here to say that I’m so excited to share that I found affordable but long lasting lip tints! I mean, what better way to face the apocalypse than with a good lippie, right? We gotta look cute. We ain’t leaving earth looking like a hot mess. Yes? Yes.

Enter Grit & Grace’s HD Lip Tints. If you’re really looking for something that will last you throughout the day, this is it. Meet your new friend for only P105! Personally, I’m a little iffy with scented lip products as they usually make me dizzy and nauseous. But the scent of these, I don’t mind at all! It has a nice fruity scent that will make you want to keep tasting it.

Click to shop for Grit and Grace HD Lip Tints

The packaging is really cute as well! I bring it with me to work and so far I haven’t experienced any leakage. Yes, I still wear lip tint underneath my mask. Like I said, if shit hits the fan… I have to be cute. There’s no harm in that.

Click to shop for Grit and Grace HD Lip Tints

As of writing, there are 5 shades available: Coco, Seri, Liam, Blair, and Amy. My personal favorites are Liam (and I swear my being a Liam Payne stan has nothing to do with it) and Blair.

For the record, I also don’t mind rocking an orange lip every now and then. I know a lot of people get intimidated by it but the trick is to apply just enough and then blend it well!

Grit and Grace HD Lip Tint Swatches

Here’s me wearing Blair and Liam (mostly)! I also tried to use Liam as my eye primer and it’s pretty alright. It’s not the best but it’s also not that bad. Obviously with its name, it’s really just meant for the lips but make up is all about experimenting and making the most out of what you have. So just have fun!

I have also tried Seri and Amy. Seri gives off a lot of that “gandang liptint” vibe, if you get what I mean. It will definitely help you look fresh and make your face brighter (still depending on your skin tone, but this is what I’ve noticed on those on the lighter side). Amy, I would say is best used for when you really want to make an impression. It’s bold and brave, like a girl boss 😉

The HD Lip Tints are comfortable to wear. I’m not big on retouching and I’m a huge coffee and water drinker so it’s no surprise that my usual lippies come off by lunch time. Based on experience, these tints fade a little but leaves a cute hint of color on the lips. So even though it’s been a long and tiring day, I still look alive and ready for a selfie! Which is what matters, anyway. These are buildable as well but best believe that these tints are pigmented AF.

Grit and Grace’s HD Lip Tints retail for only P105. You can view their shop on Shopee here.

I asked Lara, the owner of Grit & Grace, as to why she chose the name for her brand. She says that Grit & Grace is all about her hard-working nature and being able to gracefully deal with the hurdles of life. Also, the make up brand was created so she can help her friends financially survive this pandemic. You can follow Grit and Grace on Facebook and Instagram. Make sure to do so as they just released new products!

A lot of us are greatly affected by this pandemic – that’s no brainer. If you’re not on paycut or furloughed, you probably know someone who is. So, let’s support small businesses any way we can. Sometimes support doesn’t have to be monetary, and while generally the main goal of businesses is to make income, sometimes a simple like and share will do. It might reach someone who is willing to buy. #SupportLocal

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